Aldona Mysakowska-Adamczyk

Aldona Mysakowska-Adamczyk has been speech and language therapist for thirty years, of which more than twenty she dedicated to AAC, working with people of various ages, mostly youngsters.

She has been involved in activities of ISAAC BUILD committee aimed to support emerging AAC countries. As the Chair-Elect and laterthe Chair of the Council, she served ISAAC in years 2014-2018.

Cooperating with NGOs all over Poland and abroad, she has conducted numerous workshops on AAC and AT. A passionate believer in making connections and collaborating, she has visited AAC centres worldwide (Croatia, Czech Republic, India, Russia, Singapore, UAE, US, Canada and China).

Currently she is an early intervention coordinator and speech & language therapist at Early Intervention Unit at Special Primary School no.327 in Warsaw  and president of “Mowić bez Słów” – ISAAC, Poland.